Cost effective outdoor display solutions.

Our Displays & Signage Solutions are specially Calibrated for outdoor use. Color, Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast and Gamma are calibrated & customized to make the picture & message POP, even when viewed in direct sunlight.







Up to 10x Brighter
than indoor displays



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Pro-C Series

43" / 49" / 55"

MirageVision Pro-C consists of Samsung Commercial Display, Digital Sign and Samsung Hospitality TV’s that have been custom altered for permanent outdoor use. Using the MirageVision special weatherproofing technology, coupled with Miragevision’s special outdoor calibration (MPET) that enhances the picture quality in the bright daytime sunlight.

  • Both Outdoor and Indoor Custom Solutions for Digital Signage
  • Commerical 24/7 Usage with Built In Media Player
  • Outdoor Version - upgraded anti-glare screen
  • 700+ Nits of brightness and MPET outdoor calibration
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High Bright SQE Series

55" / 65" / 75" / 82"

Our MirageVision Hi Bright SQE (QLED) models are designed for outdoor digital signage and hospitality hotel/resort TVs/displays. Brightness ranges between 1000-1500 NITS. This series was developed for Hi-End Residential & Commercial Use. These models are all High-end Samsung Upgraded QLED donor TVs that incorporate the latest in Samsung proprietary MV-DQ technology, such as, Quantum Dot, HDR (High Dynamic Range Contrast) that magnifies 100% color, more than a billion additional shades of color compared to standard UHD (4k) models.

  • 1000-1500 NITS of Brightness
  • 4K & 8K QDOT/QLED Technology
  • Calibrated and Altered for Outdoor Use
  • Perfect for outdoor hospitality hotel/resort TVs/displays
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High Bright V Series

65" / 75"

Our MirageVision High Bright-V models are designed for hi-end commercial and residential application, whereas direct sunlight direct sunlight application is an issue. These models are equipped with Mega Hi-Brightness (up to 3000 NIT). There is very little picture degradation when used in full bright daytime sunlight.

  • Up to 3000 NITS of Brightness
  • 4K Technology
  • Calibrated and Altered for Outdoor Use
  • Perfect for outdoor and Direct Sunlight Use
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Samsung Outdoor Series

46" / 55" / 75"

Own Trusted Samsung Commercial Displays directly through MirageVision TV! Great support and Manufacture Warranty Options (up to 5 years). This display is built for Commercial Reliability with 24/7 Continuous Operation, is rated IP56 and has a Whopping High Brightness of 2,500 NITS! It is available in 46, 55, 75 inch. This Premium Display is perfect for both indoor and outdoor commercial and residential applications.

  • Up to 2500 NITS of Brightness
  • 24/7 Continious Usage w/ Ingress Protection, anti-reflection screen technology, an embedded power box, built-in Magic Info content player, vandalism protection and a highly efficient cooling system.
  • Advanced display protection is provided through the 5 mm tempered Magic Glass
  • 5,000:1 contrast ratio, which enables the display to show content more vividly and crisply with each and every detail and true, deep black hues.
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Jumbo LED Displays


The MirageVision LED (indoor/outdoor) theater system has incredible and vibrant picture quality, even when viewed in bright daytime sunlight. Portable Luxury—The MirageVision can easily be moved around on any hard, flat surface.

  • State-of-the-art large format, super bright, seamless LED screen that can simulate
  • incredible Ultra HD (4k) picture quality.
  • Available in custom screen sizes: 110” / 140” / 165” / 212” (diagonal).
  • Built-in WiFi loaded with apps and bluetooth.
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Restaurant Solutions



The Prompt Waiter’s Table-Top Service Pager System is the Most Affordable, Simple Service System for Restaurants and Eateries! Our Technology supports up to 999 battery operated wireless transmitters. Each pager can be positioned up to 1500ft away from receivers. The pagers are equipped with four buttons. Call, Order, Pay and Cancel. This helps streamline the flow of traffic efficiently & customer service. DELIVER THE EXPERIENCE YOUR CUSTOMERS EXPECT FROM YOUR RESTAURANT. Focus on effeciency and communication with customers and staff. Easy set up, set up your system in minutes. Servicing guests has never been easier!

  • Comes with Pager Units and Waiter's Watch
  • Optional Receiver Host to Display on Counter
  • No Advanced Hardware, Easy Plug and Play System
  • No Monthly Fees or Downtime
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Mini Table Top Kiosk


The Mirage Vision Mini Table Top Kiosk - a Phone Charging Solution with HD Advertising Capabilities, Service Call Light and Proprietary WIFI Cloud Controlled Content Management System. Elegant Design with High Functionality and Purpose is a goal realized with the MirageVision Table-Top Kiosk. Our LCD WI-FI Mini Kiosks are available for Purchase or for Rent. You can offer FREE Charging to your customers, while you increase sales and advertise your offers!

  • Service Call Light, Double 7" HD Display, Included Device Charger!
  • Kiosks are Wireless and Connect via Wi-Fi
  • Units quickly Re-Charge overnight.
  • Purchase / Rental Options
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Audio Fetch System


Turn Smartphones and tablets into a personal listening experience. Easy installation + no monthly fees = headache free system! Delight your customers by broadcasting audio to the free APP available for Apple and Android Devices.

  • REAL-TIME AUDIO STREAMING - Guaranteed low audio latency. Smartphone audio syncs to TV video or audio being broadcast.
  • ANDROID & APPLE READY- Free App continuously updated for the newest phones and OS.
  • HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION-Plug-n-play installation using your existing Wi-Fi – no custom configuration required.
  • FROM 1 TO 64 AUDIO INPUTS-Each audio input has dedicated audio processor for maximum performance and scalability.
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